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MyHealthNow is UofL Health’s patient portal that provides you secure access to your medical information. 

MyHealthNow allows you to easily:

•    Review your appointments at UofL Hospital
•    View test results
•    View immunization, allergy and health history
•    Manage medications

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There’s an app for that! 

Want an even easier way to connect to your health care? One you’ve registered for MyHealthNow, download the Healthelife app in the app store and sign in! 

Questions? Call 866-889-9251.

Have multiple patient portals? 

UofL Hospital is now connected with MyLinks®

MyLinks® allows patients to see their records in one place to better understand their health status and helps coordinate care among their health care providers. With MyLinks®, patients can share access with family members to help manage care, connects health devices to view their data in one place, as well as stores and shares advance directives/emergency contact/insurance information. Sign up today! 


What is MyHealthNow?
MyHealthNow is your direct connection with healthcare professionals at UofL Hospital and UofL Cancer Center. Use our online tools to manage your health whenever and wherever you have Internet access.

Key features include:
•    View, download, and share your medical record with health care professionals
•    View appointments

Why do I need a Cerner Health account?
Cerner Health provides the secure username and password used to access your My Health Now patient record information. These safeguards help keep your personal health information secure and prevent access by anyone but you.

What Information is available in my health record?
Information from your electronic medical record is available in the patient portal, including: Medications, Allergies, Immunizations, Procedures, Lab Results, Radiology results and documents. 

What do I do if some of my health information is not correct?
Since the MyHealthNow information comes directly from your electronic medical record, changes to the information within the medical record need to be corrected during your next patient visit or by contacting Health Information Management at 502-562-3062. 

When will my results be available?
Some lab results are available in the patient portal 36 hours after they have been finalized. 

Some radiology results are available in the patient portal 30 days after they have been finalized.

Why are certain test results not shared electronically to My Health Now?
Tests of a very sensitive nature are not released to MyHealthNow.  You can always contact the Health Information Management Department to request the release of your information or discuss it with your physician during your next visit.

How do I refill a medication?
Please contact your pharmacy or provider’s office to request a medication refill.

I want to send my health records to a healthcare organization. Where do I find their direct email address?
A direct email address is required to securely send a copy of your records from the patient portal. Contact your provider's office and they will provide their direct email address. Once sent, the direct email address will be saved to your contact list for future use.

How will I know when I receive a new message in my portal?
An email will be sent to the email address associated to your portal account when you have a new message. 

Can I message my provider?
That feature is not available at this time.

How do I cancel an upcoming appointment? 
Please contact your provider’s office to cancel an upcoming appointment.
Can I view my child’s or spouse’s medical records?
Yes.  This is called Proxy access.  Proxy access allows a parent, guardian, or designee to log into MyHealthNow and view that person’s information.  For children ages 13-17, a parent’s access will be limited.  You can view other family member’s records only if you have been granted proxy access by the family member. Proxy access requests must be submitted in person through your provider’s office.