Christopher 2X and former patients present awards to UofL Hospital trauma team

Former gunshot wound patients visited UofL Hospital to express gratitude to the nurses and trauma surgeons for saving their lives. 

In a special ceremony on Thursday, three former patients, along with Christopher 2X, a local anti-violence advocate, and Russell Coleman, United States Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky, presented specially designed awards to the UofL Hospital trauma outreach team and the UofL Hospital trauma surgery team in recognition of life-saving care provided to gunshot wound victims from 2003-2019. 

Gunshot wound survivors Sheronda Morris Jasper, Cierra Twyman Miller and Dionte Reed shared their stories and personal words of thanks to the nurses and physicians for the care that allowed each of them to recover from their wounds. 

“We appreciate you putting your blessed hands on us. You put us back together piece by piece, hoping for us to have a better life,” Jasper said. “You put your life aside to make sure our wounds are healed.”

“We have witnessed the power of the healing hands of the UofL trauma surgeons and the caring hearts of the trauma outreach team,” 2X said. “These people have helped save thousands of lives that could have been lost to violence in Metro Louisville and beyond.”

UofL Hospital staff with trauma survivors